Orangefest Celebrations Set For July 12 At Belfast City Hall

A whole host of family fun activities is planned to take place at Belfast’s City Hall in conjunction with the annual parades to commemorate The Twelfth.

Created to complement the July 12 parades, Orangefest 2024 will take place from 10am-4pm at both Belfast City Hall and surrounding areas in Royal Avenue.

Established in 2007, Orangefest was created to enhance the well-known yearly parades with a variety of inclusive and entertaining activities. 

The 2024 festival boasts an impressive line-up from an international food market in the grounds of City Hall organised by Food NI and Taste of Ulster offering up a range of local and international cuisines as well as live cooking demonstrations.

Circusful street entertainers will be bringing their award-winning street theatre to the grounds of City Hall where stilt walkers, drumming workshop from community tribal drummers, drop in circus skills and circus shows provided free and suitable for all ages.

County Grand Master, Rt. Wor. Bro. Spencer Beattie said the organising committee are delighted “to be bringing together a variety of activities to encourage people to remain in the city centre throughout the morning.”

He said: “Our message this year is that Belfast is very much going to be open for business during the 12th July celebrations.

“Many retailers throughout the city centre have committed to remaining opening during the festivities from 1pm to 5pm and we want to encourage people to enjoy their time in the city centre responsibly and safely.”

As well as the programme of events in the grounds of City Hall there will also be a range of Belfast City Hall guided tours available throughout the morning allowing people to experience the city’s rich history.

Mr Beattie said he looks forward to welcoming people from all across the city to Orangefest this year: “It is our mission to enhance the well-known 12th of July celebrations by providing additional activities that are educational, entertaining, and accessible to all, fostering a sense of community and togetherness in Belfast.

“As we enjoy the spectacle of the 334th annual demonstration of the Battle of the Boyne, we are looking forward to a feast of activity at Belfast City Hall.

“We aspire to make the Belfast 12th a globally recognised event that not only highlights the cultural significance of the day but also promotes unity and economic growth. 

“Through our efforts, we aim to remove barriers, foster mutual respect, and create a positive and inclusive environment for all citizens and visitors.”

The events will also be complemented by a range of eye-catching street dressings and display banners, adding to the festive atmosphere by Image Zoo.


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