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Managing your brand’s publicity requires a blend of strategy, agility, and foresight. At Excalibur Press, we understand the nuances of the media landscape. Our approach to publicity management is not just about responding to the present but anticipating the future. We work diligently to ensure your brand’s narrative is consistently portrayed in the best light, seizing opportunities and mitigating challenges. With us by your side, your brand’s story will resonate, captivate, and inspire.

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Publicity Management & PR Agency Services in Belfast, Northern Ireland

It’s time to increase your public profile

The team at Excalibur Press work with brands, organisations and individuals who want to raise their game and increase their profile in the media to reach target audiences.

With our effective publicity and communications management, we will maximise your profile, raise awareness and increase sales performance.

What we do

Led by experienced publicist Tina Calder, the Excalibur team use a unique and creative approach to stimulate innovative thinking and idea creation which goes beyond the traditional corporate constraints while keeping a focus on strategic objectives.

We develop and deliver innovative, targeted, and effective publicity strategies for corporate and private clients to enhance their profile and strengthen relationships with prospective and existing audiences, clients, and stakeholders.

How we do it

Our team work closely with you to develop a publicity strategy to identify and prioritise publicity channels. We generate a bespoke detailed matrix of content topics, themes, and core messages to establish and maintain communication with your target audience that is consistent with your sales and marketing strategy.

You can then take your publicity strategy and execute it in house, or contract Excalibur Press to implement any element of it from creating content to distribution and delivery.

Meet Our Senior Content Creator & Copywriter

Alexandra graduated from Ulster University in 2019 with a first-class honours degree in Business with Marketing and earned a Diploma in International Academic Studies for a year spent in Germany.

Her interest in analytics led her to pursue a postgraduate certificate in Data Analytics. She has recently completed an OCN Level 2 Social Media training course at SERC.

With her background in marketing, Alexandra joined Excalibur Press as an intern content creator in January 2021 and moved into a full-time content creator and copywriter role soon after.

Now she manages several client accounts and creates content for various platforms with a focus on long-form and whitepaper copywriting.

Senior Content Creator & Copywriter Alexandra Feher

Meet Some Of Our Awesome Clients

Tina Calder Talks Publicity Management

Watch a video interview with Excalibur Press founder Tina Calder on Publicity Management.

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Testimonials: Our Customers Love Us

"I have now attended 3 webinars with Tina and I have thoroughly enjoyed each one. Tina gave me the confidence to deliver my first online course and the feedback from the participants was amazing. I couldn't have asked for better. Thanks Tina for brilliant jam packed sessions giving me the confidence to just get out there and do it!"
Helen McMahon
"Excalibur Press could not have been more helpful in every way! Nothing is too much trouble. They are always there to answer questions and give advice. If they are not there they get straight back as soon as possible. Wonderful."
Patience Bradley

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