23 Things You Can Do In Your Business To Win At Press & Publicity

Producing engaging content which includes video, written word and imagery with storytelling as a key element is a vital component in all sales, marketing, publicity and communication strategies. It is essential your brand develops a clear, concise and cohesive voice to grab the attention of your target audience.

By creating and delivering good quality, consistent and relevant story-based content your company or brand can not only build awareness and trust but also establish those human connections that are necessary for success in today’s marketing, publicity and promotional landscape. A successful brand will then host, disseminate or distribute these stories through multiple online and offline, traditional and non-traditional channels.

If you want your brand to cut through the noise you need to get yourself into the spotlight and the easiest way to do this is to attract the right attention from the press. Media coverage is an important part of promoting your brand but you’re competing against thousands of other businesses who are also seeking their place in the press. If you want the spotlight to fall on you, your brand, or organisation then you must act to make yourself as visible and accessible as possible.

  1. Strategic Thinking

To raise your profile, you must develop an innovative, targeted and effective publicity strategy which aims to enhance your relationship with prospective and existing audiences. If you don’t have the skills or resources to develop this yourself turn to an expert who will help you build a cohesive strategy and communication formula that defines and delivers your marketing goals.

When we are creating strategies for clients at Excalibur Press we know the importance of creating a message that is memorable and connects positively with your audience in a consistent, positive way.


  1. Be accessible: to journalists as they are busy people who have many brands vying for their attention. If you want them to highlight your brand you must make it as easy as possible.
  2. Create a media page: At Excalibur Press, when the team are creating a media assets web page or shared folder we always try to make sure that it will feature your company logo in black and white, and in colour, high resolution images of your products, headshots of your key team members, and basic information about you or your organisation. It’s important to ensure this page also contains relevant contact email and phone number so they are easily accessible.
  3. Be available: to journalists and be ready to give an interview or to provide an interesting point of view.
  4. Connect on social media: platforms with journalists and if you have something relevant to say tweet or comment on their posts to raise your visibility.
  5. Find out who the right person is: and talk to them as media outlets are regularly under pressure to find something new and interesting for features, so if you have a story that would fit then let them know.
  6. Build a rapport with the media and if a journalist or publication does feature you in some way, remember to acknowledge the coverage and give them a shout out across your social media platforms. Courtesy goes a long way in building valuable relationships with the media.


Been seen, whether digitally or physically is the best place to start if you want your message to be heard.

  1. Hiring a Publicist: is a tried and tested approach to increasing your visibility if you want to attract attention and promote a positive image of yourself or your brand in the press. At Excalibur Press we have fantastic existing relationships with the media and know how to liaise with them.  However, it’s not just about the media, “publicising” you within your industry, to your peers, stakeholders, clients, customers and more is just as important and we can create a powerful strategy for you to engage them all.
  2. Content, content, content: it really is king. Ensuring you have a regular output of engaging content is key to increasing a brand’s visibility to your target audience. At Excalibur Press when we are creating content for our clients we work hard to make it relevant and consistent with your key message and the more helpful, useful and engaging it is the better chance you have of people sharing it on social media and increasing your organic reach. Create a content calendar and utilise blog posts, press releases, how to tips, photographs, social media posts and videos to keep it varied.
  3. Host an event and invite the media: to mark a special occasion such as a product launch or anniversary. Send out a press release and remind them you are available for comment and ensure you schedule time to talk to them. On the run up to the event, create regular pieces of relevant content which links to the subject covered or the event and any speakers or exhibitors and share it with invited media as well as your usual audience.
  4. Do something unique: that makes you stand out from the crowd and communicate your message clearly to ensure the media know what you’re doing and why it’s different from your competitors.
  5. Support a cause: you’re passionate about or do something worthwhile in your local community and show you’re not just about business and promote your brand in a positive light.
  6. Work with a charity: and use your skills, resources or business reputation to help them and get your organisation noticed for the right reasons.
  7. Attend events and meet the media: to keep yourself physically visible. Set up a stand at local events and liaise with important journalist contacts to get your business even further into the public eye.
  8. Apply for awards: that are relevant to your business and that recognise achievements in your industry or business sector. These are a terrific way to promote your business and show that you’re an expert in your field. An award can earn you media coverage and respect from your peers. Apply for one and if you win, you can really bolster your profile in the press.
  9. Focus on regular feature opportunities: with publications and use them to raise your visibility as an industry expert through your commentary or advice. Contact journalists directly as emails can easily be missed if they receive a lot of traffic.
  10. Create your own media assets: to showcase your products, services and brand and present your story to the media.  When the team at Excalibur Press create these we normally coordinate a team of writers, photographers, videographers and designers just to make sure we’ve all bases covered.

Industry Awareness

Keeping an ear to the ground and an eye on current affairs to make sure you are aware of topical stories that are in line with your brand.

18: Newsjacking: this is when you “hijack” stories which are relevant and provide a commentary to gain subtle media exposure, however, choose your topics carefully as you may come across as cold if you are seen to be trying to exploit a tragedy.

19: Monitor trends and promote your brand in line with them as another subtle way to raise your profile. For instance, if climate change statistics are trending take the opportunity to shout about your green credentials and how seriously your brand takes its environmental responsibilities. Hint: Check out my post My Secret Content Creation Weapon: Google Alerts

20: Deliver expertise through establishing yourself as a Thought Leader which is becoming increasingly popular as a way for individuals and organisations to demonstrate their knowledge on a subject or industry. Write some opinion pieces or secure a speaker slot at an event and establish yourself as an expert in the field. To create a successful thought leadership campaign and make the most of opportunities at events, it’s essential to have a fully integrated press and publicity team who will work closely with event organisers, exhibitors and stakeholders at all stages of the pre-event promotional activity.


Authenticity and transparency are current buzz words in business and it’s important to ensure yourself and your brand fit these descriptions.

21: Get transparent as people are more selective about what they buy and who they buy from and trust plays a crucial part in their purchasing process

22: Stay consistent and ensure you portray yourself and your brand to be genuine and reliable both on and offline – if you don’t the media can exploit this and generate negative publicity and that is exactly what you don’t want.

23: Build your own research on your industry and on your business and share statistics and relevant information to establish knowledge and transparency.


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