Everything You Need to Know About Adding a Call to Action to Your Copy

What Is a Call to Action?

Think about all times you have clicked on a button to download file or signup for a newsletter. Each time you do this, you have adhered to a call-to-action. A call-to-action (CTA) is a line of text or an image that prompts your customers to take action. Any action you want people to take like; get a coupon, sign up for a webinar, download a file, attend an event etc. All of these are strategic ways to get your customers to actually take action on your website.

When getting started with CTAs, you can’t just insert “Click Here!” on any part of your content. There are a few things you need to do before your CTA will entice people to actually take action.

Creative and Enticing Design: You need to make people see your CTA. This is pretty much the one thing you should be more creative about. Your CTA color should blend in well with your website design and should also stand out.

Keep It Simple: Writing a lot of jargons in a CTA can get people confused. Call to actions works best when it is simple and concise.

A Clear Value Proposition: Let your audience know exactly what they will get when they click on your CTA. Make sure your CTA clearly states what they’re getting in exchange for their click.

Know Your Desired Result: Are you putting up a CTA to create an email list or you want them to join your webinar? Have an end goal for your CTA and focus on achieving that goal.

Now that you know how to be strategic about your call to action, it’s time to know which type of CTA is perfect for your Copy.

Content Boosting

When visitors visit your website, the first thing you need to do is to get them to explore your website, from there you can convert them into a lead and ask for their contact information so that you can continue to market to them. This type of CTA is an effective way of promoting your content.

Conversion Generating

This type of CTA is more targeted at a specific audience. It is a more strategic way of turning prospects into driving leads and then into customers. An example is “download now”. That little command will clearly make your audience to take the next step by clicking on your CTA button.

Business Centred

Call to actions that fall under this category are always promotional in nature. They often times don’t relate to the content. A CTA for a webinar or an event that doesn’t relate to the content on the page is a good example of this. A CTA that focuses on social sharing is also a business centred CTA. POP ups can also be categorised under this type of CTA.

When it comes to call-to-actions it is important that you understand your goals. This will help you know which type of call to action is suitable for your content and where the CTA should be placed.

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