Recruitment Agency Invests 150k In New Temps Service & Creates Four New Jobs

Northern Ireland specialist recruitment company, Tyson Wilson Recruitment is expanding on its success, by opening a dedicated temp employment division service for employers and job seekers.

Building on almost five years in business the locally owned and run company will be making a £100,000 investment over the next two years, creating up to four new jobs as well as a further £50,000 in developing a recruitment app due for completion within the next 18 months.

Michelle Tyson, CEO, said that the recruitment market has expanded and evolved in Northern Ireland, and that it was the right time to expand services.

“When I set up the business it was because I spotted a gap in the market to become the first call centre specialist,” she explained. “While we created a unique service in that sector we were quickly approached by other sectors.

“From the growing number of requests from call centre clients for temporary staff through to other industries such as warehousing and hospitality it was clear that the market was growing.

“I always had plans to open a temp division as a I ran a temp division desk for my previous employer and loved the buzz and the fast pace of helping clients with their needs”.

Established in 2015 Tyson Wilson Recruitment Consultancy has developed its services for prospective employees and those with staffing requirements, including not charging a fee until appointment of successful candidates.

With offices in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter and Bangor the company offers a value-added temp service with dedicated consultants that are dedicated to meeting your staffing requirements over and above the core full-time workforce.

“It is clear that Belfast is becoming a central hub for new and existing businesses expanding in Northern Ireland,” said Michelle. “Research and expert analysis shows that there is a greater need for temporary staff, especially within the growing sectors of call centres, warehouses, hospitality, administrative, customer service, sales and other sectors”

With that in mind each Tyson Wilson client has a dedicated local consultant to take on and understand the brief, to make sure that the right people are placed in the needed posts.

Furthermore, they can help with the induction process by completing background checks, health and safety training, assessments and aptitude testing.

She is clear that the advantages of temporary work are for both candidates and employees.

“For those who are considering ‘temping’ there are a series of benefits,” Michelle explained.

“It can help improve your CV, filling in a gap and offers the opportunity to learn new skills as well as gain much needed experience in an area that may be lacking.

“It can also lead to being hired much quicker. When the right position opens you can be placed within a day.

“It also means that you can look at a new career direction as you learn new skills and consider what path to take. That’s not to mention the financial rewards and flexibility of temping.”

But Michelle is clear that the benefits for employers are just as important.

“We have seen that more and more need to scale up their workforce quickly, whether that be for a large new project or to urgently fill a post as a result of in-house sickness or maternity leave,” she said. “Our service means there is fast-track hiring, cover while recruiting permanent staff, bringing in fresh skills, meet peak work periods, control of costs, ‘try-before-you-buy’ and the potential to discover future leaders.

“For us recruitment isn’t a transactional process, but a service that is dedicated to looking after both sides throughout the process.”

Tyson Wilson operates ‘24/7 for 52 weeks of the year as Michelle’s experience shows that businesses do not sit and wait when they need cover. In addition, they operate full report management information including agreed key performance indicators at approved intervals.

Michelle said: Our aim over the next three years is to have the largest pool of call centre, warehouse candidates and other sectors in Northern Ireland registered and waiting.

“We are planning on investing £50,000 into research and development of a new app to help our clients and candidates register. We want to lower our carbon footprint and be one of the first agencies in Belfast to go paperless to make sure we fulfil our corporate responsibility to measure how environmentally friendly we are.”

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