Why Storytelling Is Absolutely Vital For Any Successful Business Publicity Campaign

Storytelling isn’t a new thing, it’s not a digital marketing buzz phrase and it certainly isn’t an alien concept.

In fact “storytelling” is at the very core of all society, it’s what makes us human. The ability to relate and recall stories is something we teach children from a very young age as we use storytelling to conceptualise difficult social constructs or ideas into a medium they can comprehend or understand.

We teach children how important storytelling is when we ask them to recount their day at school, experience at a party or to vocalise something that’s bothering them. We listen intently and respond accordingly allowing them to absorb how vital storytelling is in their daily lives.

It’s no surprise then as we progress into adulthood we are absolutely enthralled by stories on the nightly news, in newspapers, magazines, on websites, social media, documentaries, films, drama and more.

But how does this help us to promote our businesses? Why should we care about the growing thirst for and obsession with “stories”?

As the world continues to compact in size with social media and smart technology making information more and more accessible, consumers are becoming ever more savvy to traditional sales, marketing and promotional techniques.

It’s getting harder to penetrate their personal space with our campaigns thanks to ad blockers, Netflix and Spotify for example.

Not just that, the changing trends in information consumption means people are more discerning about what they consume, they’re highly alert to their ever-decreasing leisure time and making snapshot decisions based, in many cases, on the concept of curiosity.

So how do you break through the noise?

By uncovering those powerful stories about or connected to your brand you can pique your audience’s interest and give you those precious few fleeting moments of attention.

Now is the time for businesses and organisations to be more aware than ever before the importance of finding your voice, identifying your “stories” and most of all creating relevant good quality content.

Being able to produce content is one thing, however, a successful brand will be able to create a variety of types of content from video, written word and imagery to infographics and more. A successful brand will then host, disseminate or distribute these through multiple online and offline, traditional and non traditional channels.

By creating and delivering good quality, consistent and relevant content your company or brand can not only build brand awareness and trust but also establish those human connections that are necessary for success in today’s marketing, publicity and promotional landscape.


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