8 Types Of Friends We All Have: Which One Are You?

Most women have a best friend group, the women closest to us in our lives that we share unforgettable memories with.


“We all think we’re unique and special in our own way. But, every friendship group has a classic stereotype of characters” said artist and designer Kelsey Tyson, owner of Girl Limit, a home accessories and beauty brand.


I mean it would be pretty boring if we were all the same, right?


Here are 8 types of friends we all have, which one are you?


1. The Organised One


Just like Monica from “Friends” you need to have a plan of action all the time. You’re probably the one who organised the Whatsapp group chat or the one who makes the dinner reservations.


You’re smart, level-headed and always remain calm under pressure. So if you find yourself always organising the taxis home on a night out then you’re more than likely the organised friend of the group.


2. The Funny One 


Just like Megan from “Bridesmaids” you’re always up for a laugh.


You’re always making jokes even in awkward situations, always lightening the mood. You know how to cheer your friends up even on down days and you always look on the bright side of life.


3. The Photogenic One 


You always look picture-perfect, the “Kim Kardashian” of the group. You stand out in pictures, even in the dreaded tagged photos from the night before.


You’re the envy of all your friends. You’re always sharing your skincare routine with the group and beauty tips, much to their appreciation.


4. The Mum of the Group


Always find yourself reminding the girls to bring their passport to the airport? Or on hand with the ice cream and wine when there’s a break-up?


Then you’re more than likely the mum of the group. You always know what to say in tense situations and you’re wise before your years. Everyone looks to you for advice and you’re most definitely the “hugger” of the group.


5. The Competitive One


Everything is a race with you. You’re always cheering your friends on and hyping them up to be the best they possibly can be.


You want your friends to win and achieve their goals. You always speak words of wisdom and refer to favourite motivational quotes to inspire your friends. You’re always the one hosting games night and 9 times out of 10 you’re on the winning team.


6. The Tough Friend


Like Jen Harding from “Dead to me” you’re always telling it like it is. You give your friends tough love and always have their back. You don’t care what anyone thinks, whether it’s sticking up for your friends in a fight or sending back the wrong food in a restaurant, you most certainly won’t let anyone walk all over you- or your friends!


7. The party animal 


You’re always ready to party and always the last to leave. You have the energy of a five-year old and you’re always positive.


You can convince your friends in seconds to stay for “just one more”. Your friends can always count on you for a good time and to lift their spirits when they’re feeling down.


8. The Social Media Savvy Friend 


You always want to take selfies, everywhere you go is a photo opportunity, the world really is your stage.


You’re always on the lookout for the perfect photo backdrop and you will stand for as long as it takes snapping photos of your friends to get the right angle. Your friends can count on you to make everything look perfect and be their professional photographer on day-trips or nights out.


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