Everything You Need To Know About Creating Your Brand Story with Tina Calder

New Webinar Announcement: Everything You Need To Know About Creating Your Brand Story

This slide/video-based webinar is presented by publicist, journalist and commentator Tina Calder.

As founder of Excalibur Press publicity management, content creation and copywriting agency Tina has been in the business working in Northern Ireland for the last 25 years and has worked with a number of thought leaders over the years.

NOTE: Purchase of this webinar INCLUDES the recording being sent out following the session

Friday February 18th, 2022 – TO BOOK Register HERE

Everything You Need To Know About Creating Your Brand Story

Standing out from the crowd can be hard in a noisy marketplace, find out how your “story” can help you do just that.

In this session delegates will find out the importance of developing your brand story no matter what size of your business or industry. Attendees will learn each of the elements of creating a brand story and what they need to consider to develop one that will resonate with customers and prospects alike.

In this webinar we will cover:

    • What is storytelling and why does it matter?
    • The science of storytelling
    • What is brand storytelling?
    • Why is brand storytelling important for your brand?
    • How to cultivate your brand story
    • Finding your why
    • Creating your tone of voice
    • The importance of emotional marketing
    • Brand story and the customer journey
    • And much more….

We’ve set aside an hour and a half for this overview webinar which will help you start thinking about what you need to do to maximise and optimise your brand story.

Content Queen Tina will break down why creating a brand story should be a key part of your content strategy, how you can use it effectively and give you top tips, tricks and tools to be able to create great marketing content today!

Excalibur Press trainer Tina Calder looking excited with 2 laptops in front of her and her arms stretched out to advertise the webinar How To Set Up Your Social Media Content Strategy & Plan For 2022
Excalibur Press trainer Tina Calder

About Tina

Northern Ireland’s Content Queen, Tina Calder is a journalist and commentator of 25 years, a publicist of 12 and a multi-platform media professional. The Belfast entrepreneur owns publicity management agency Excalibur Press based in the city’s Cathedral Quarter.

From travelling across the UK and Ireland as a showbiz reporter, publicist and tour manager to becoming an award winning business journalist, Tina uses her varied and colourful career experiences to deliver bespoke publicity and communications strategies.

Tina is also the founder and creator of The Content Club a blog which offers a wealth of resources, webinars and downloadables to help businesses with their marketing and communications.

To put it bluntly she’ll show you how to get stuff done!


About Excalibur Press:

Excalibur Press is a dynamic multi-disciplinary communications agency specialising in communications strategy, planning and delivery. We operate a team of over 15 writers, marketers, publicists, communication professionals, business consultants, editors, photographers, designers and specialist content creators across the UK and Ireland.

We work with brands, organisations and individuals to help them strategically plan and develop their content and communications messages aimed at the online and offline markets.

Our team is led by journalist and publicist Tina Calder who has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment and the arts industry over her career in the UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland.  Tina is a former business editor in both the b2c and b2b markets. 


What our clients say:

Seamus O’Neill, Belfast City Blues Festival

“Tina and her team have consistently delivered a successful press, communication and social media campaign every year for the festival since coming on board.

“Not just that they have also worked closely with us to produce our programme of events, collect information from artists and help with general artist, venue, sponsor and stakeholder liaison.

“This year our festival was forced online by the Covid-19 pandemic. In a short space of time, Tina and her team turned around a fully live online festival across 8.5 hours with 12 acts streaming live from 10 locations across the country.

“Excalibur Press managed artist liaison, technical support with all artists, event management, event registrations and donations, social media, press & PR, graphics and more. 

“Without Excalibur Press and their wide range of skills we could not have delivered our festival this year. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Tina and her team over the coming year.”

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