Getting Found on Google: 5 Top Tips for Getting Your Business Found on Search Engines

Getting discovered on search engines, like Google, is critical for any business that is operating online. 

With 99,000 search queries being processed by Google every second, Google is the most visited website on the internet, and the go-to platform for anyone seeking an answer to a query, or searching for a product or service sold by a business online. 

So maybe you’re wondering, how can I make sure that my business can stand out from the crowd and be found on search engines like Google online? 

We’ve got you covered with 5 top tips for getting your business found on search engines:

  1. Optimise your website

Optimising your website (Search Engine Optimisation/SEO) ensures that the content on your site will be picked up easily by search engines. When done correctly, this can lead to improved rankings and visibility in search results. Essentially, your website will appear higher up on Google result pages, making it easier for people to find your business online.

Make a start by conducting some keyword research and identifying the words and phrases that your target audience will likely be searching for. You can then take these phrases and use them throughout your website content to boost your ranking.

  1. Create a Google My Business listing

One of the easiest ways to get discovered on Google is to claim, and then optimise your Google My Business listing. This step will help your business to be discovered locally, and show up in search results within your area, whilst also appearing on Google Maps.

This can be a great way to target an audience local to you, particularly if you’re a smaller business operating within a town or city.

Google My Business is free and can help you to manage exactly how your business appears to others. It will ask you to include accurate business details such as your business name, address, phone number, business hours, description, and website. 

  1. Encourage reviews on Google My Business

Encouraging customers to review your business on Google is a great way to boost your business online, within local searches. Positive reviews will not only add to your credibility but can attract more customers as your business will be viewed as more reputable.

You can respond to reviews on your business profile, reacting professionally to any negative comments, and thanking customers for fantastic reviews.

  1. Use Directory Sites

An overlooked but useful method of boosting your online presence, and being found on search engines like Google, is by listing your business on directory sites. Simply put, directory sites are a form of online catalogue, and can help potential customers to find your business online.

Directory sites are valuable for businesses based in the UK. They offer businesses either a free, basic directory listing, or a paid expanded listing. The expanded listings can be more beneficial, as they are optimised for SEO and can boost your business’s visibility on Google. 

  1. Start Blogging

Blogging can be a great way to provide helpful content to your audience, whilst improving your website’s SEO, and boosting your business on Google.

Writing informative blogs related to your industry, product, or service can allow you to incorporate relevant keywords onto your website, whilst answering queries that your customer base may have. 

Blogging also demonstrates authority within your business’s field. Potential customers are more likely to trust your business if you show that you are knowledgeable and are providing helpful, up-to-date information.

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